(Joanna Semeniuk, 33, alumna Faculty of Philosophy)

“Making the world a better place: that’s all I ever wanted. I’ve always been concerned with equal rights and opportunities, regardless of gender, sexual orientation or ethnicity. In Poland, I got my bachelor’s degree in Philosophy. A logical step because I love to think about life and I wanted to gather academic knowledge about the subjects. Why are we here? What is the purpose of life?

During my master in Rotterdam, I got a job as a Project Assistant at Atria, the institute on gender equality and women’s history. I really enjoyed working there. Feminism is beautiful!

I joined ING as a translator when the bank wanted to roll out one of the internal data tools to ING Poland. Now I am a data analyst. Working for a bank doesn’t mean that I’ve abandoned my ideals. I am involved in projects that help diversify ING’s workforce, so that the employees are as diverse as our society.

Recently I started a project in Poland to help promote equal treatment of LGBT people in the workplace. In my job, I also coach interns – my goal is to help them discover what kind of work drives them the most.
To me, make it happen means that you work with passion and from the heart. Because what would life be without passion?”


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