(Sadet Karabulut, 40, alumna Faculty of Social Sciences, member of parliament for the Socialist Party)

“My parents came to the Netherlands as Turkish-Kurdish guest workers in the 1970s. They came from Tunceli, a town with a long history of oppression. I come from a social democratic family – at home Joop den Uyl was our man! – and I’m the youngest of five. We all feel a strong social commitment and are all left wing in terms of politics.
The SP gradually won me over. I became convinced, and ultimately joined the party, by their views and actions in resisting attacks in the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. It was only later that I discovered that the party strongly sided with the Kurds.
I wanted to have a job in which I could really make an impact! I studied public administration in Rotterdam. After a Master in political science in Bordeaux, I started work for the municipality of Amsterdam and I am now a Member of the Lower House for the SP. I feel it as an honour to have been chosen as a member of parliament. I am responsible for social affairs, emancipation and integration. At the moment, I am concerned with displacement on the labour market by benefits recipients who are put to work for free.

Yes, it’s sometimes difficult work because the political climate is becoming tougher. However, I believe in the strength of people and I hope – and believe in – a left-wing coalition. It is important to realise that people like you and me have every opportunity. But those opportunities are not accessible to everyone. Those are the people I want to help.”


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