(Marni Suldi, 45, Starbucks Barista)
“New Year’s resolutions? Apart from losing a few kilos, you mean? That’s what every woman wants, isn’t it? I don’t really have one resolution, except that I want to stay healthy and happy and do everything I can to care for the people I love. That’s a good resolution, don’t you think? And very fitting for Christmas!

I came to the Netherlands from Indonesia when I was 20. I’d recently got married and we’d just had our first child. It wasn’t a happy marriage though. I couldn’t move freely and I felt very claustrophobic. 10 years later, I filed for divorce and there it was… freedom! That’s when my life really began. I started learning Dutch and found a job. To be honest, I’d love to have studied and been a secretary. I’d have enjoyed that, but there’s no money for that when you have children. And in Indonesia, children are their parents’ future. Every month, I send money to my parents and I try and visit them as often as I can, particularly now that they’re older. It’s about setting priorities.

I’ve now been working in catering at EUR for nearly 10 years – and I love it! Thanks to Eric Petit – he gave me a chance to become a barista at Starbucks. And I recently trained as a nail stylist. That’s fun too, and gives me some extra pocket money! I don’t want to have my own salon or anything, but sometimes I see people at home. I enjoy that a lot.”


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