(Mario Ganpat, 35, analyst blood transfusions Erasmus MC)

“Everyone has a different story, no patient is the same. That’s what I like about my work. I don’t see the patients face to face, but because I get to examine their blood, I kind of bond with them.
A blood transfusion is not something you take lightly. Lots of examinations and tests are performed beforehand. Everything is checked and double-checked, because an error can have fatal consequences. Quite often we have to act fast: the patient needs blood now. I love this kind of action!

When I started here 14 years ago I had just completed my Life Science studies and had already applied for several jobs. When I saw this vacancy at ‘Dijkzigt’ I didn’t hesitate for a second and when I was invited for a second interview, I dropped everything else. Who wouldn’t want to work at a prestigious hospital with such a good reputation?”


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