(Jason Coalter, 26, visitor of the Master Open Day and interested in a Master Philosophy)”

I come from Belfast. You thought I was Scandinavian? I hear that all the time, but I’m Irish. In Belfast I got my bachelor’s degree in Philosophy. To be honest, I was done studying. After graduation I travelled, mostly in Australia, and worked several jobs. I even worked as a housekeeper for a while – not quite my thing though.

When a friend asked me to co-read his PhD thesis in philosophy a few months ago, I was completely captivated again. At that moment I decided to get a master’s degree. I’m quite bored with the UK, as I don’t feel my future lies there, that’s why I came to the Netherlands to visit several universities. I arrived yesterday and visited the University of Amsterdam. Tomorrow I’m going to see Leiden. But today it’s all about Rotterdam! I actually planned to attend a lecture, but I was too late to sign up. So now I just look around, take in the atmosphere. So far I like it very much! I’m staying at the Stayok hostel in the city enter – a very nice part of Rotterdam.

What I plan to do with philosophy degree? Political philosophy appeals to me. I don’t really have a career path mapped out yet. Right now I’m just interested in the subjects which are fascinating! It would be great to read more from Foucault and Sartre. And maybe to get my PhD ? Who knows!

Besides, I’m not very photogenic though. A so called ‘spontaneous’ smile makes me look a little cranky but I promise I’m not.”


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