(Chandradath Madho 33, PhD ISS)

“I’ve always been working very hard as a student and in my professional career. Only recently I faced the downside. Let me start at the beginning: After high school in Trinidad and Tobago, I got a Government scholarship that allowed me to study around the world. A great opportunity! I chose the London School of Economics. Out of loyalty to my scholarship, I returned to Trinidad and worked in the Government’s Human Resource Agencies for two years, whilst doing my Master’s degree in History. I eventually taught History and Sociology at a High School and this led me to a Masters in Poverty and Development at the University of Manchester. When I graduated, I was certain that this field of studies was for me. So now I’m here, doing a PhD at ISS.

In spite of my surging ambitions, the sad thing is, my marriage crashed after five years. In the beginning, I put too little energy into our relationship and by the time I decided to do things differently, she’d already lost interest. Sometimes I miss my wife or having somebody special. There’s need for work life balance! Success? If you can’t share your experiences and stories with your loved ones or that special person, they suddenly become a lot less valuable.”


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