(Christaan van Eden, 20, third-year EUC student)

“My mother worked for Shell. As a result, I was born in London and lived in Caracas, Venezuela, for years before finally moving to The Hague. Wow, those trams – I loved them! I looked for an internationally oriented, English-language course in the Netherlands and ended up here. It’s great to be part of such an international university. Everyone is so ambitious and talented here. I find it really inspiring!

You know, I never felt like a foreigner until I moved to the Netherlands. It’s no big deal, because I get on well with everyone, but I can tell that some people here can’t quite place me. I can tell that they’re wondering whether I am a real Dutchman or not. It didn’t help that I had no idea what “beschuit met muisjes” was when I came here – I’d honestly never heard of the stuff! And I’m still having some difficulty with Dutch grammar. All that d/dt stuff…
Oh well, the world is my oyster! I just got back from a student exchange programme in Sydney and I hope to get my Master’s in Canada. I’m dying to go back to South America – particularly Chile and Argentina – and I’m already planning a road trip across the USA.

As for what I’d like to do after graduating, well, my grandfather was the Dutch representative to the UN Security Council. He was smack bang in the middle of international relations, trying to solve global issues. That’s my dream job. But I’d also love to work for the UN, the European Union or a multinational corporation. Or perhaps for an NGO, trying to make the world a better place… anything goes!”


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