(Kudrat Kavr Paramjit, 20, student Erasmus University College)

“Liberal Arts and Sciences?! It’s all a bit vague to her! Particularly because it’s all so new. The stereotype of a parent who wants their child to become a doctor, or at least have a stable job – that’s how it is at home. My mother worked in India as a nurse. I was born in Belgium. In India, my mother didn’t get the help she needed and in Belgium, she got the help that wasn’t available there. I think that’s what made her love medicine even more.

But… I didn’t become a doctor! It’s a profession you have to be passionate about, not half-half. What do I really want to do? Something with languages and cultures perhaps, but to be honest, I’m still exploring my options.

My mother’s an amazing woman and I love her to bits! She works terribly hard so that my brother and I can study. But we don’t talk much about my studies at home, we just leave it. So if someone asks me what I’m studying, she just says something like: ‘LAS’. And if you say it quickly, it sounds like … that’s right, laws. So everyone’s happy!”
But when I eventually find what I want to do in life, I know that she’ll support me. That’s how she is.”


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