(Remco van Pel, 22, Student Psychology)

“I was studying in Rotterdam, still lived with my parents in Zwijndrecht and wasn’t a member of anything. Imagine not having any wild stories to tell about my student years, I suddenly thought in disgust! Then I’ll get married, hopefully have children and then I can tell them: Daddy went to some very nice birthday parties, though! That’s when I joined NSR. I was brought up a Christian and went to church. I wasn’t overly involved in my faith, but I knew some people at NSR and it seemed fun. You also have your student initiation, and just like at any other student association – we enjoy our beer!

But we’re obviously focused on faith. Services, speakers, Bible studies and we offer Alpha courses too. Do I think that faith has become more important to me by joining NSR? I think so. It goes in waves – and that’s fine too. After a lot of exam stress, you let it go a bit, but when we come back from a great meeting, I feel totally refreshed. I enjoy sharing ideas with people and if you do that with respect, without forcing your opinion on others, you can learn a lot. For many students, this is a time in your life when you shape yourself, also your approach to life and how you look at the world around you.”


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