(Anna Timmerman, 19, Student Business administration)

“Business administration hard and business-oriented? Not at all! You can do so much with it. It’s up to you. Success is often considered to be synonymous with making a profit. However, I feel that you can also choose to be successful by helping people and making them happy. That’s what I want to do later. It’s always been my philosophy. As a 10 year old girl, I often got children together to organise a ‘stall’ to raise money for charity. For example, we used to sell shells which we’d found on the beach in the summer.

Now, I’m the president of Reach Out, a committee which is part of student association STAR at RSM. We connect students and society. Just recently, we organised a three course meal in the Ronald McDonald House in Rotterdam. Parents of seriously ill children came to enjoy a nice meal and relax with people going through a similar experience. An idea like that emerges during a brainstorming session and suddenly becomes reality. And that makes me very proud! We’re about to have a meeting about the new buddy project. We plan to link children from group seven at a primary school in Crooswijk – not the best area of the city – to students from Erasmus University for motivation and inspiration.

I love what I do – getting people to do what they do well and setting up projects which are relevant to society. Obviously, it’s good for my CV too, but that’s not why I do it. It’s just hard for me to sit around and do nothing.”


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