(Patrick Rutteman, 40 & Sündüz Bigişli, 48, Cleaning duo)

Patrick: “We work together every day. It’s great! Sometimes we talk about personal and serious things, but most of the time we just have a lot of fun. We’re often doubled up laughing.”

Sündüz: “Take last week. We were cleaning in a corridor and having so much fun – no idea what about. Suddenly, we see a huge board at the end of the corridor: SILENCE PLEASE. They were having an important meeting. How could we have known? To be honest, that just made it seem even funnier.”

Patrick: “Or recently, there was a conference for Navy officers. A crowd of good looking men in uniform arrived through this entrance. The ladies were almost hanging out of the window! That really made us laugh.

I sometimes say: Sündüz is my surrogate mother. Sadly, my parents have both died. Not long ago, I arrived a bit late because I had to be somewhere else first. Sündüz was really quite worried.”

Sündüz: “Patrick is also a very good worker. I’ve been working here for nearly eight years and Patrick has been here for six years. Sometimes a colleague will come in to work tired and you have to keep nagging them to get on with their work. Patrick is always cheerful and works really hard. Someone who really gets down to work!”

Patrick: “I’m the same at home too, you know. I live with a dog and a cat. I hoover daily and clean the toilet every day too.”
Sündüz: ‘Me too. Everything has to be spick and span.”

Patrick: “Is there a language barrier? Of course not! I understand everything she says. And if Sündüz doesn’t understand me, I use my hands and feet. We always get there in the end.”


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