(Susaan Ghajar, 42, alumna Institute of Health Policy & Management)

“From a very young age, I’ve always been an organiser. I love challenges and like to get people moving. So I’ve turned that into my job!

During my studies, I became interested in hospitals. This form of organisation has so many aspects and so many people work there. How can you optimise those relationships and communication to create a well-managed organisation? What motivates people, and how do you convert that into action so that they fulfil their potential? I get excited by questions like these!

After graduating, I spent a year working as a researcher at Erasmus University. I then started work as a consultant at KPMG, later at ING Investment Management. That might seem like a big step from the healthcare world, but organisations and change processes work the same everywhere; it’s all about people. I like to go off the beaten path and question what other people have always taken for granted. I’m also very much the optimist: my glass is always half full.

A year ago, someone once said to me: Susaan, you inspire people! That was enough reason for me to fulfil my dream. On 1 February 2015, I started my own organisation consultancy. In it, I deploy my knowledge and expertise to help entrepreneurs and organisations market a good product or service. Things have come full circle!”


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