Bianca Lentze (51, alumna ESL): “I still love this picture: Me resting my head on a private law book, while Alfons (Lentze, 50, alumnus ESL) is reading a penal law book.”

Alfons: “In that year [1992] I worked as an assistant for the criminal law department. A great way of building my resume! In 1998 I started working for the United Nations and left for Bosnia – that was the start of my international career. Later I moved to the Europeon Union. I run various programmes and currently live in Ankara. I believe as a lawyer a few things are incredible important. At first: travel! Go on an international exchange at least once. And learn foreign languages. Language is your weapon.”
Bianca: “Through my education I was specialised in copyright but while working in legal consultancy at Deloitte I specialised in educational law. I now work as a lawyer in the Directorate of Youth and Education of Rotterdam. I really enjoy it! I love to think in possibilities and solutions – that gives me energy.”
Alfons: “Follow your heart – you and only you get to decide about your future.”
Bianca: “Set goals for yourself, develop yourself and stretch your boundaries. Try to get other people enthusiastic to do the same. As long as you look for challenges you stay young at heart. Don’t let it happen, make it happen!”


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