Lydia van Santen-Blom (48, campus hairdresser)

“Look at this stack of birthday cards, birth announcements, invitations and letters I’ve received from customers. This letter from a former student is very special to me. At one time he was really down and out, angry with his father who’d just came out for being gay. I asked him, ‘what does it matter?’ Later on he admitted he was gay himself. It hit him hard psychologically and he left to Burundi. I was worried and thought of him many times. All of a sudden I received this sweet letter in which he told me he was doing better. He’s returned and graduated in criminology. Isn’t that great? And I still cut his hair, for seven years now.
You know, I cherish those contact. I work here for sixteen years now. I’ve seen people come in and taking big steps in their career. They got children who suddenly sit with me in the barber chair. Campus Woudestein feels like home to me. I always try to remember what customers tell me. If they end up inviting me to their wedding… well, that’s just heart-warming. It makes me feel appreciated.
By the way, I ‘m going to study Business Law. You’re never too old to learn.”


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