Wouter van Lieburg (40, alumnus Marketing Management)

“Making lots of money is not important. Following your passion is! Even if it differs from what you’ve studied. That’s what I did. After graduating I founded a creative advertising agency (Carenza*) with Arjen van Riel. Gers! was originally intended as a one-off magazine as a thank you gift to our beloved Rotterdam, but we started building the magazine afterwards. The idea for Gers! came up over a beer and we just did it. The Rotterdam approach: don’t talk, just act. Arjen van Riel is art director, Edwin Veekens is a people manager and I have a good sense of business and strategic insight. In Rotterdam we now have the biggest platform. And we aren’t finished yet!
I never regretted my career change for a sec – designing things is fantastic! BesteBondscoach – one of the largest poule managers in the Netherlands – is one of Carenza’s projects. And we were founding fathers of the Week of the Dutch beer. But a great campaign for a small client makes me equally happy.
At Erasmus University I learned how to think in an analytical, abstract way. To stand above things. First play all the scenarios, because something can look good but you have to be aware of the negative possibilities as well. I still benefit from this every day.”


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