Emir (28, student consultancy entrepreneurship)
Chi le (26, student management)

Emir: “We are here illegally.”
Chi le: “Well, on campus that is. We study at the nearby HES, but campus Woudestein is so much nicer, so we love to come here after classes or in long breaks.”
Emir: “Especially when the sun is shining.”
Chi le: “We both came to Rotterdam 4 months ago. I came from Istanbul and Chi from Hanoi, Vietnam. Our studies are not related, but the group of international students is very close. We do all kinds of stuff together
Chi le: “We all live on the campus near Gerdesiaweg. It’s great fun.”
Emir: “Homesick? Not really. Although I do miss my friends at home. And my favourite hotspots in Istanbul.”
Chi le: “I don’t miss Vietnam, but I do miss my family very much.”

Chi le:
“My biggest dream is to own a gallery. I would love to be an artist. I’ve been drawing and painting since I was 6 years old. Unfortunately, in Vietnam it’s very difficult for a woman to build up an existence as an artist. You either have to have connections or you have to be good, and I mean really, really good. My parents told me it would make more sense to get a real education. They want security for all their children. It puts their minds at rest knowing I’ll be able to get a good job and preferably also a husband and kids. I usually tell people that consultancy is my passion, but my dream is nothing like that.
Well who knows what the future might bring.”

“In Turkey I worked as a journalist. Unqualified, but I had a good job with a nice employer. Due to personal circumstances I had to quit that job. And when I re-applied to the same company there was no longer a place for me. After many applications I had to draw the conclusion that I could no longer work as a journalist. Of course I could have gone to the school for journalism but it didn’t feel right after already having worked for so many years in the field. Now I study management. My big dream is to start my own company in social media, producing short attractive content, focused on today’s readers who scan the news.”


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