Ria Koolen (60, Education Service Center, Erasmus School of Economics)

“In 1975 I worked for an employment agency. One day they send me to Erasmus University to work at the library. I had to type ISBN numbers all day long – terribly boring and solitary work. I was relieved when the employment term expired!
A few months later the agency told me I could work for the university again, for Erasmus School of Economics this time.
‘NO!’, I cried out. ‘Please not again!’
But they were very convincing, telling me that the work was completely different. Eventually, I promised that I would give it a try.
But on my way to work I changed my mind and called the agency from a phone booth telling them I didn’t want to go. They told me I was expected. And again they convinced me.
It turned out great, working at Erasmus School of Economics! My colleagues were very nice and work was fun and varied. A few months later they offered me a permanent position and next year I celebrate 40 years working at EUR. At the end of the day I am grateful the agency forced me to go to work at Erasmus University Rotterdam.”


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