Alexander Whitcomb (27, Head of Marketing, Recruitment & Admissions – Erasmus University College)

“Eight years ago I came to the Netherlands. The level of private high school education in Zimbabwe is one of the best in Africa but for college most youngsters fly abroad if they get the chance.
During my master at RSM, the Erasmus University was planning to set up the Erasmus University College. I thought it was a great idea and I had plenty of ideas on how to make this a success. So I spoke up and I got an invitation to join an important meeting to exchange views. That appointment, however, I completely forgot – probably because I’m from Zimbabwe, ha-ha – I guess my planning skills have improved a lot since then. I emailed the manager to sincerely apologize and fortunately I got a second shot to sit down with them. In fact, I was offered a job at EUC!
The achievement I am most proud of is the study trip to Zimbabwe that I organized for our EUC students. Of course I went along!”


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