Jasper van Bommel (43, alumnus Erasmus MC) | Marijke Hofstra (44, alumna Erasmus MC)

Marijke: “This picture was taken in 1992 – we were already a couple back then. The photographer asked us to bring something to the photoshoot relating to our study. We decided to listen to each other’s heart with a stethoscope, as a symbol of love.

Jasper: “At that time we just wanted to become doctors but we couldn’t really imagine what it would be like. We both got our PhDs and have built good careers.”

Marijke: “When I was an intern I already knew I wanted to become a psychiatrist; now I work as a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist at Erasmus Medical Centre-Sophia Children’s Hospital. All my patients have their own story and the variety of problems is immense. It’s fascinating.”

Jasper: “My job as head of the IC is on the one hand very technical and focused on the recovery of the organ functioning, but at the same time I’m dealing with ethics, emotional problems and difficult decisions that have to be made. That’s what fascinates me.”
Marijke: “Dream big, work hard, make it happen. Quite often I see medical students considering what the labourmarket for doctors is asking, but I think you should find out what you’re good at and where your passion lies.”
Jasper: “And keep learning – I learn new things every day. As soon as you think you know everything, you will stop learning. Keep asking questions and don’t take anything for granted. That’s the only way you can grow and become better in what you’re doing.”


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