Stephanie Lie Sam Foek, 36 & Gino Gil, 36

Stephanie: “My friend and I went to a baseball game. That’s when I first saw Gino. It wasn’t exactly love at first sight! In fact, I even thought him a bit arrogant!”
Gino: “I’m not arrogant at all, just confident! I turned out to be a very nice man, ha-ha. And we hit it off! We’re together now for 14 years and married six years ago. Real buddies, that’s what we are.”
Stephanie: “I still watch all his matches. It’s nice to see him in action. ”
Gino: “And we both work at Erasmus University. I’ve been working here for 14 years, Stephanie for 6 years. We don’t see a lot of each other at work but occasionally we have lunch together, like today!”


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