(Sadaf Soloukey, 19, student)
“My parents originally come from Iran. In Iran my father was a maths teacher. Due to circumstances, he had to put his ambitions aside and build up a new life for us here. They have always encouraged my sister and me to give a thousand percent. If you want something, put everything into it, they said.

What drives me is versatility, because that’s where I get my energy. I’m studying Medicine and Philosophy, I’m a member of the University Council, I do research in a surgical specialism and I teach at a secondary school. I also enjoy writing. It’s all so much fun, interesting and constructive, and by combining all these things, I can get the best out of everything.

I recently had problems with an essay. It was about individuality in a group context and I couldn’t find any inspiration. So I asked my father for advice. He told me a Persian story from the poems of Hafez, very metaphorical and inspiring. That became the intro to my essay!”


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