(Franklin dos Reis, 21, student Criminology)

“Because of my studies, I started to look at the world differently. I’m more aware! Whereas I used to think there was nothing wrong in throwing a piece of paper on the ground, now I realise that too is actually a form of criminal behaviour. Because you’re being a nuisance to other people. We also learn a lot about outcasts. When I took the metro this morning, I saw a group of young people together at the back of the train, while the rest of the passengers consciously distanced themselves from them. That’s when everything you’ve been learning suddenly comes alive; we prefer what’s familiar and therefore feels safe.

The most criminal act I’ve ever done? Lying to my mother as a child or stealing a toy car from a shop. “Hey, I didn’t buy that. How did you get it?”, my mother asked. I then got a good talking to and had to return it with my apologies. I never did that again! That’s how you learn.

Most of my friends have no idea what criminology is. They expect me to go and work for the CIA when I graduate. But I’m not nearly ready for that!”


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