(Germain Fraser, 25 Chairman KASEUR)

“I came to the Netherlands when I was 8 years old. That was a huge culture shock, for me as well as my parents. People don’t always realise how different life in Suriname is from here. I still tend to be too formal when I address people when it’s really not necessary (laughs).
My parents are both deeply religious and brought me up as a Catholic. Every Sunday I go to church with my father. My faith helps me recharge my batteries, get the best out of myself and gives me strength. That goes for my studies also! My parents told me: “Germain, you’ve been given the opportunity to build up a good future here in the Netherlands. Don’t waste it!” I’m the only child from our primary school who is studying at university and the first one in my family. I studied economics and philosophy and I’m about to start with a Master.

KASEUR was my idea; an umbrella organisation connecting all the multicultural student associations at EUR. Together we are stronger and we must work together. One of our greatest achievements of which I am incredibly proud is The prayer room, which opened in September 2015. Now students wishing to pray or take some time out don’t need to go to that tiny smelly room we used to have; they now have a really nice place to go to! Erasmus University is an international institution and this room reflects that. It’s used a lot. I go there myself sometimes.”


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