(Anne Geene, 32, Alumna ESHCC)

“Is anyone interested in postmodern photography?”, teacher Antoon van Braembussche asked during our first art-philosophy class. I was, so I delved into the theory and was captivated by the subject. I love the objectivity and completeness that you can achieve with photography.
I believe you can only really develop yourself if you’re excited about something so find out what inspires you and follow that drive. That’s make it happen for me!

A classmate had issued a book. I wanted that too but thought it was too much of a risk. I ended up just doing it! I published Encyclopedia of an allotment in 2010. I lived in my garden shed for a year and photographed every plant and insect, from top and bottom and front and sides. A project with a biological touch and a wink to science. De Volkskrant, Trouw and Parool all published articles about my book. A third edition of the book has already appeared – in English.
Following this project I was asked by the director of a private museum in Belgium to make a similar book about their garden. And my next book, a collaboration with Arjan de Nooy, is coming up: Ornithology, consisting of all kinds of quasi-scientific bird series. The work will be on display in the Museum of Nature next January.
So well, thanks for the inspiring classes, Antoon van Braembussche!”


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