(Karin Arts, 51, professor of International Law, ISS)

“As a professor of International Law and mother of two, I’ve become increasingly involved in children’s rights. In all parts of the world, children’s rights are still neglected too often.
Together with fellow academics and development organisations, I have been involved in various projects around the world. In the Philippines, for example, these concern very basic things such as organising Child Protection Units where child abuse can be reported, or organising birth registration.

One of the most impressive experiences was in the West Bank in Palestine. We were doing research on the situation of Palestinian children in Israeli military detention. This happens on a large scale and often completely at random. You hear and see about these things in the media, but it’s nothing compared to actually being there and see what is going on. It’s tough. Both my sons are that age!
‘But we can’t do anything about it’, people sometimes say about areas where there is great suffering and injustice. But I’ve seen so many people all over the world determined – sometimes risking their own lives! – to make things better. Even if you just do a little bit, you can make a difference.”


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