(Abderrahim Boukhrissi, 22, third-year medical student)

“I’m about to have an exam for my minor, which is gynaecology. This minor wasn’t my first choice, but I was late signing up, and gynaecology happened to have some spots left! My interest in medicine grew organically. I’m a highly socially engaged person, so it was obvious to me that I wanted to do something that would allow me to help other people. So medicine it was…

I’d love to work at the ER, where I can deliver acute care. I perform best under stressful conditions. Running around, rushing, making quick decisions, being part of a team that performs well under pressure – those are the sorts of things that appeal to me.

Having been the president of a students’ team, I have learned a thing or two about working in a hospital, which mainly taught me what I’m not interested in. All this red tape, all these endless meetings – how utterly dull! In addition, it’s so easy to access medical help in the Netherlands. I’d rather go to a place where medical help can’t be taken for granted. I want to make a difference. Working for Doctors Without Borders, or being an army doctor – I’d love that!

I was born in this hospital, grew up around the corner and attended the secondary school across the street. But in a few years I’ll be spreading my wings and may fly all the way to Africa.”

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